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  3. This on right now. I’m LMAO.

    This on right now. I’m LMAO.

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lmao ! 


    lmao ! 

  6. Love Vs. Sex

    Love: An intense feeling of deep affection; Sexual passion or desire. Love goes beyond a physical attraction. It is the rapid beating of your heart when you see someone. It is when every thought of your day is centered around that one special person. Love is when you miss that someone just minutes after you leave their presents. Love is that undescrible feeling you have when you’re around them. It is when nothing else matters but that person and their happiness. It is the passionate desire you have for their mind and body.

    Sex: Sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, esp. the insertion of a man’s erect penos into a woman’s wet vagina. Sex is the clash of one person’s body with another. It can be rough and emotionless. It can be passionate, intense, and mindblowing. You can do it in any place… Car, bed, floor, couch, the chair, the stairs, outside, shower, bathroom sink or floor, kitchen counter, table, or floor, back of the restaurant, ANYWHERE. You can do it in any position… Doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, anal, oral, 69, seated wheel barrow, shoulder holder, jockey, headrush, lap dance, lotus, the worm, super-woman, etc. Sex can have no strings attached or it can be another way to express how much you love someone.


  7. It took me forever to see the old lady in this picture.

    It took me forever to see the old lady in this picture.

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